Vibe Classic Brown Base

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The unique qualities of a Vibe tanning solution are all contained within this beautiful eight hour tan

3 in stock (can be backordered)


The unique qualities of a Vibe tanning solution are all contained within this beautiful eight hour tan. The brown base adheres to the skin longer to achieve a deeper darker tan with a beautiful rich, brown tone.

Created using the finest quality all natural and organic ingredients with absolutely no smell or fragrance, Vibe Classic sprays on dry. Infused with powerful anti-aging and super hydrating properties Vibe provides the ultimate tanning experience for your clients.

A special unique release rate means the DHA 9.5% is released at a slower rate adding greater depth to deliver amazing colour while hydrating and nourishing the skin.

Features and benefits include:

• Brown Base
• Odourless
• Fragrance Free
• Super Fast Drying
• Advanced Development Technology
• Unique Formulation
• Alcohol Free
• Grape Seed Extract
• Squalene (Olive) anti-aging properties
• Camellia Sinensis Extract – anti-aging properties
• Vitamin E
• Aloe Vera
• Triple Bronzers

1. This product is designed for use in all HVLP/airbrush systems

2. Place your machine on a medium speed to high speed

3. Place 50mls of Vibe Classic Brown Base into the cup of your spray gun, if you are using the Black Magic Deluxe Spray Gun you will need to use approximately 200mls of tanning solution due to the size of the spray gun cup, adjust accordingly. Excess solution can be poured straight back into the bottle after use. You should only be using approximately 50mls per tan

4. Your spray gun should be set to ensure a light, even mist falls on the skin. If the gun is up too high you are wasting tanning solution and the clients tan could overdevelop.

5. Apply two light even coats of Vibe Classic Brown Base solution for a flawless natural looking tan.

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